Love is Considerable

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by Kanako Tada
One Day I Met the Rubber Duck on The Shore, 2022, mixed media, A4, ©Kanako Tada

One day I was swimming in the river
I met one rubber duck there, he fused two colours in the shallows
His brush stroke depicts a chain of words
Where are you from?

I asked him, is this important question for him
He replied YES.

The color was purple
He mixed blue and red
I said to him, mitochondria are made of balloons
What is that, he seemed to feel uncomfortable what I muttered at
No worries, it is just a riddle. I told him
He nodded

I can see the same species of him at many souvenir shops in every European capital city.
They dress up as kings, queens, celebrities and funny politicians
He said, that the way of strategy for survive
Live in seclusion at visible states
You would understand
Because you also live in Europe
His gaze on me

I told him I have to go
Nothing left to say
Purple color radiates like a gravels painted by pointillism

Kanako Tadais an artist based in Vienna. She works in various media such as drawing, painting, mixed media, writing, curation, performance, and collaborative projects. She is studying Contextual Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna. Her work, besides being a skillful celebration of vibrant colors and textures and their composition, often reflects exophonic life and phenomena of living outside of one's mother tongue, experiencing the organic fluidity of linguistic fluctuation. With the idea of polyphonic grammars in space and time, she explores how one’s linguistic milieu shifts in the micro and macro cosmos of cultural mobility.